Skirball Cultural Center, a Jewish cultural center in Los Angeles— Noah’s Ark exhibit.

"Visitors work together to create the flood and raise the water levels on a small ark in an early gallery; load a diverse group of animals and help build the ark in the North Ark gallery; and cross over a bridge and then move through a series of ropes-course type areas, helping the animals survive during their journey."


-load animals into the ark with a conveyor belt

-animal are made from found materials (check out that keyboard zebra!)

- “bad rap” animals like snakes and spiders are there, too

-outside the exhibit there’s a sculpture that has the sole purpose of creating rainbows for small fries to run through

-no benches. Adults have to play, too!

-the architecture: mirrors and floating are used to make the arks seem larger than life. Kitschy bright colors and cartoonish representations are avoided. Kids love to go out on the beach and they want to go out in the woods, and those things aren’t cute.”

-exhibit is not just an architectural feat. I am convinced their director is an amazing person because they said, “We had in mind a more trailblazing notion of how to engage children and families, and how children might be treated with the dignity and the imagination they deserve.”

DIVERSITY BONUS: the animals aren’t just in pairs, but in diverse families. Penguins and armadillos are the best of friends, and two roosters raise their chicks.

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